WOW! Off and Running. New blog with features!

Well, I was learning about blogging yesterday and I realized I needed whoozits and whootinannies to make this cool.  So here it is, and I am uploading a new pic from two days ago.  It is very very small, and pretty weak.  Actually I am going to finish it right now as I went past the same place on the way to Soung’s restaurant Mtn View Wings a second time.  So I will touch it up now.  Okay, well I worked it a bit more, it is still kind of a poor painting, but I attest that to the paint conditions, I need to mix a new palette.  So I am hoping this will be a fun BLOG hoping to make it a PLOG or a VLOG — that’s painting log or video log.  It should be pretty cool as I kind of like this blogging thing and I know that nobody is really going to read this entry, but anyhow hope you will follow the blog as it is going to be fun and updated all the time.  Stay tuned for more paintings and maybe videos about painting.



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