Here is One from Last Week in Wrangell St. Elias!

mccarthy alaska footbridge painting

Well here is a toast to you Jim Drewry.  We couldn’t have asked for a better fish in return for this painting!  So I was hanging out at the footbridge at the end of the road, and painted this but I had no way to take it back to the property safely (a common problem for me).  I decided to tip the parking lot attendant a painting.  In return he invited us to a salmon dinner (Copper River red salmon!!!) but we had way too much on our social plate to attend, so he simply gave us dinner instead!  What a great guy!  Maria excellently cooked the fish over the open campfire and it was delish.  Perfectly roasted, way to go M!  It was one of those things that made our last trip truly grand!  Best regards to Jim and everyone in McCarthy as I really enjoyed your company and fellowship!  I look forward to August when I will finally return to my home (campsite on my lot) in the park.  I hope you stay tuned as I will be putting new work up from my trip to the Kenai for the Fourth!


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