Kenai Lake Beach House with Leah K. Davis and Friends!

Kenai Lake alaska Painting

Oh what a lovely weekend!  Maria and I went out to the Berry lake house on Kenai Lake.  We had and enchanting time relaxing on the beach, eating tasty treats and living the good life.  The light was perfect and the midnight sun was beaming around mountains with unique lighting effects.  The lake is such an interesting color of blue because of the glacial silt, it is a turquoise blue that reminds me of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. I kept telling Leah I was going down to the ocean!  We had many laughs and great cheer for over the weekend and I picked up some paintings from last year as well.  I painted this one on Friday night 7-03-2009.  The sky was so bright It seemed the most brilliant yellow.  The mountain, Langile Mtn(?),  was very close, but in the evening a misty haze came over the lake and with the lighting it was inspiring.

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