More Pics from LKD Kenai Lake House and Stories of the Weekend: 7-7-09

rose bud painting

Howdy, and welcome back to my plein air painting blog!  I am always excited when I am able to execute a plein air painting successfully, and I am glad to do it quickly too.  This is why I use the painting palette I have developed over the last several years of my career.  Because this unique palette allows me to mix the colors I will be needing ahead of time, and my quick set up time allows me to capture light as quickly as possible making for a more successful plein air painting.  The weekend in Kenai was a real treat and I was glad to have brought out a fresh palette full of paint.  Last year I painted four paintings in a two day span, and this year I only made two.  I was bombarded by micro flies when I was painting this rosebud (below) and when I went in for breakfast I came out to find a million flies had landed in both the painting and the palette,  I scraped the flies from the painting but I was unable to get them out of the paint in my palette.  Bummer.  After struggling through the rose which was  deceptively difficult painting to create, I figured it was cool for the weekend and just chilled.  I wish I had brought the fly filled paint with me for the Fourth party at Seward, because the Seward coastline was looking so amazing, but I was busy with the parade and stuff so it was probably for the best.  We did have a great day in Seward after I painted in the morning finally finding Bob Poe (Alaska needs a governor) and the start of the parade.  Maria and I took our tandem bike to Seward, parked our truck in the Safeway parking lot and cruised through Seward until we found the “Poe Mobile” which was completely unmanned.  We kept wandering around all the streets of Seward, what are there three of them?  Until we found the parade and Bob Poe (and I met Bob Poe candidate for governor) yelled for us to come over, amazing how visible you can be on a shiny blue tandem bike.  Well I rode on the back of the tandem and threw candy to the kids at the parade.  I only almost fell off once, but I persevered and ladies were streaming through finishing the Mt. Marathon race, no I did not see my sister run through, however that would have been cool!  Bob Poe was running around shaking hands as quickly as possible, it is hard to have a short meeting during a parade!  Afterwards Maria and I found a wonderful park bench and took in the view.  It was nice to avoid the throngs of people, however we decided to follow that by watching the mens Mt. Marathon race as they stumbled down the rocky scree.  We ran into Ian and crew in their sweet VW Westfalia, and saw Zareena and Athena, amazing Athena took 3rd in the kids race!  We also saw Jack, Jessica and Nate, it seemed like the entire state of Alaska had driven, biked, hiked, or crawled into Seward for this short holiday weekend! After all that excitement we made it safely back to the lake house in Cooper Landing for another evening of excitement.  Fireworks at the neighbors and two different versions of beer pong had me tired by midnight and I sadly said au revoir to the holiday.


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