Per Berry the Coolest Little Dog Around!

Here is Per the Berry’s dog who Leah has to dog sit.  It is Leah’s mom’s dog and I seem to get along well with him.  Although he does seem to get agitated when I am contemplating skipping a stone at the beach, he wants me to hurry up and throw it!  He also gets upset when I skip stones at all because they go too far into the lake.  Per will only go out till his chest gets wet and then he forgets the rocks are out there and returns with this cute look on his face as if to say “like what?”  So another fun painting from last year.  Per was there at the lake house this year and we all got along fine!  I am not quite sure who’s shoe that is, but they must have sat still for most of an hour in order to remain in the painting.  Good times!  Chillin’ on the deck!

cute dog painting on deck


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