July 9, 2009 The Last of the Lake House Paintings and Tales of a BBQ Failure…

Good morning!  I am glad to see you here at the plein air blog today!  The sun is breaking above the clouds here in Anchorage and a red sun is visible through the particulates (smoke). The forest fires in Alaska have been making the air quality unique to say the least.  Yesterday, I had a frustrating painting day, due to all the smoke.  It is impossible to see very far, so I decided against landscape.  I had been shopping with Dicker all morning for a new BBQ, after a quick trial run with the cedar plank it became obvious that the new grill was great.  It’s Electric! (not the dance, the grill…)  So now he is legitimate to BBQ on his sweet balcony.  Phew!  All these years using propane, we could have been blown to pieces at any moment!  A propane tank is a dangerous thing to suspend 20 feet in the air in case of explosion.  I think terrorists have been using them as bombs for years.  I painted the new electric grill “en plein air” (outside) on the deck, well the painting sucked as you can imagine a painting of a BBQ is a half baked idea to start with (and a last ditch effort to appease Maria for the lack of productivity due to a BBQ emergency, the old grill had died).  So after an hour or so of struggling with it I gave up, and just wiped the surface to save it for something better.  I probably will have something to do with this red sun today.  It is amazing how well oil paint wipes off of the red gold surface I prepare.  Of course the paint was only on there for about 2 hours and oil takes up to two weeks to dry. I am looking forward to painting the sun as it is probably the most remarkable thing that I can see from Anchorage today.  The red gold surface should be perfect for the project and it is a better subject than the grill.  As for your plein air picture for this entry, I give you the last of the lake house paintings.  This one is from last year and had been sequestered in the Berry lake house for a whole year.  Now I publish it to the world for you and I hope that you find it to be as interesting as the view I painted it from.  The people in the canoe are Anneliese Loescher and my wife Maria.  Happy viewing!

Kenai Lake alaska painting


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