Year-old Painting Dug out of the Studio for Today’s Entry: July 14, 2009

Well I was busy yesterday hosting a dinner party for Maria’s friends from the class of 1999 West Anchorage High School!  It was a delicious success, thank you Christina for cooking!  I made my famous seed loafs and sat back and watched the ladies go crazy in the kitchen.  So I guess what I am saying is I went to the archives for this picture because I was busy last night being fat and happy and I slept in this morning.  After taking care of finances, I am finally ready for painting, however it is overcast and I am still sluggish from the feast so I figured I would post this unseen painting.  Now I can get back to the studio to work on portraits for a while!  I should mention to everybody to go to my show at Arctic Playgroundz!  I forgot to tell people at my house last night, and I think my best work is there right now.  Okay, I will talk about this painting.  Last year Maria, her mother, and I all went out to Vern Halter’s Dream A Dream sled dog tours to see the puppies (quite cute) and then on to Talkeetna for a burger and beer at the West Rib Pub.  After which we had a little beach fire at the Talkeetna river!  Since I have not made it back to Talkeetna this year this is a good memory to remember as it was the most recent trip out there.  Good times can definitely be had in Talkeetna!!!

talkeetna river campfire alaska painting


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