July 27, 2009 Trip to John Sedor’s Cabin in Seldovia

It was a lovely travel weekend full of adventure.  I hadn’t intended on making it to Halibut cove, but I was lucky enough to hitch a ride over on a local’s boat, within five minutes of arrival of the Homer Spit boat harbor!  What luck!  It can be problematic getting over and across from the Cove if you don’t have a boat, or tons of cash.  I prefer to keep my pocket change in my wallet, so getting a free ride over is always welcomed.  We beat our host to his house and chilled on the Maury’s dock for about an hour.  A skiff-load of guests arrived wet (from the ride) but their spirits were not dampened as they had been sippin’ on rum on the way over!  We were all in the Cove to attend a pirate party, that had started at around 4 in the afternoon.  Ian, our host, arrived at around 10:00.  So we were a bit behind schedule.  We had a salmon dinner that couldn’t be beat and ran on over to the pirate party.  I painted at the party, a cute little picture of the ferry, the Danny J.  I stashed the painting just as the accordion stopped playing, the band had ended but the dancing didn’t and we had a dandy of a good time.  The only thing a bit concerning me was the inebriation level of the fire dancers, I guess one of them had an accident and caught herself on fire, so she had to be thrown into the Cove!  I think she had some pretty serious burns….:(

Maria and I returned to our sweet accommodations in the old Alex Combs studio, for an excellent night of sleep.  We awoke the next morning bright and early to catch the Danny J back to Homer.  I brought the little painting as a fare to get Maria and I across.  We arrived to Homer a mere hour later, just in time for me to catch a flight to Seldovia which is only about 20 miles west of Halibut Cove, across the bay from Homer.  I have been commissioned by John Sedor to make a piece based off of his summer home in Seldovia, Alaska.  It was a treat to get to go to Seldovia as I have never been before.  Although the weather was nice at first, this horrible storm started to blow in and I was treated to a nice little shower right on John’s deck!  Oil paint doesn’t like to stick to wet surfaces so I forced the painting to happen hurriedly before I was forced to pack it up.  I got a really nice feel for the place even though I was unable to paint more that this one piece.  Caught my flight back from Seldovia, and Maria and I made our way out of Homer.  That storm made it so we decided not to camp out on the Spit, the weather-band radio told us that we should expect 40 knot winds, and that didn’t sound appealing to us, nor did the onslaught of rain.  I told Maria if I was on my bike I would have kept riding!  So that is what we did, we kept truckin’ in the Subaru right on out of there.  Maria wanted to stop in Nicholaevsk really bad, so we took a detour on an attempt to find it and after half an hour of dirt road driving we did find it, a cute little Russian village off the road on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska.  Maria made a stop at the Samovar Cafe and ordered a second dinner, we had already stopped at the Cosmic Kitchen for a late lunch-early dinner.  The Pelmeni and Pirogis were “vcusna” (delicious) and we bombed back to Anchorage late that night only stopping to make coffee in the rain once!  What a weekend, four towns in two days and a couple of paintings too!  Sorry I didn’t get a shot of the Danny J piece but next time you head to the Cove ask the attendant if it is in the ship.

seldovia alaska cabin


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