Triple M Experience in Wrangell St. Elias with Jared….

On my last trip to McCarthy, Alaska in Wrangell St. Elias National Park I had what I call the tripple M, the most marvelous McCarthy experience.  It was amazing!  Another Super-friend has been dubbed, and the pursuit of happiness was achieved.  I painted this after bringing out three large windows, with a load of stuff for next summer, riding 60 miles within’ the park, climbing to near 7,000 feet, and drinking several liters of homebrew a night!  Overall, it was a very successful vacation/building trip in the national park.  The last day we rode to the Nizina River and saw the breathtaking Chitistone Valley.  After the near 20 mile ride we were pooped sitting around our campfire drinking a treasured bottle of homemade Pinot Noir from the vineyard Jared works at, my old time friend Mark Wacht showed up and reminded us that we said we would attend a party with him.  20 minutes later we were sitting in this tiny cabin on a lot in the Wrangells sipping rose wine from the Willamette Valley, swapping tall tales in McCarthy, Alaska.  I painted this painting for Kyle, a new friend out there, as a hospitality present.  Kyle, I hope your winter is beautiful out there.  This last trip was so remarkable I am considering making new t-shirts stating “I left my heart in McCarthy, Alaska”.

McCarthy Cabin Painting


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