Kissed by an Acorn! One of the Oldest Oak Trees in the San Jose Area

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School, landmark and icon of the San Jose Area. This Oak Tree is a great example of old growth oak trees in the San Jose Valley. This painting will be up for auction at a fundraiser November 14th.  Since everyone loves this tree it should make for a pretty cool item at the auction.  I had mixed up a new palette of paint, and I feel that it made for a fairly strong painting because of that fact.  I love working on the acrylic sheeting (Plexiglass-Lucite)  because It allows the transparency to show and I can look backwards into the history of the layering. It also has this nice reflective aura due to the coating on the sheets.  Best of luck, and happy bidding, if you are in the Bay Area stop by St. Andrew’s for the Auction!

Old Oak Tree Painting in San Jose


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