anvil painting

If only I had an anvil like this, I would build myself a FORGE!  I am looking forward to the day I get my own anvil.  It is especially important to me as an object to paint because of work ethic it symbolizes to me.  This one is from the McCarthy Museum and I look forward to continuing with this series, the artifact series.  There is a beautiful Art Deco cash register that inspires me to paint.  Maybe there will be a later painting of it.  What is it about things from the past?  Why are older objects more stylized?  Why do Modern and Post Modern pieces lack any kind of style?  I feel that these oversimplified aesthetics are relying too heavily on mass appeal, while the older styles have more design value.  Here is a painting dedicated to the older style and to the symbol of work ethic.  Maybe I will bring back Art Nouveau and Art Deco as Neo-Art Deco-Nouveau…a revival, if you will.  I think it could make for some beautiful paintings…


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