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New Blog Changes + Aviation Heritage Museum Drawing


Okay, so I know I have not updated my blog for a long long long time, but it has been due to this long cold winter I experience in Alaska at this time.  Well I know that is no excuse.  I also realize that this blog has a specific purpose and I have been not realizing that specific purpose, which is talking about painting outside.  Who in their right mind expects a regular posting about outdoor painting in the dead of AK winter?  Yesterday I went to a meeting for entrepreneurs at the Aviation Heritage Museum, and one of the members had blog questions.  A representative from WordPress chimed into the conversation that was occurring and stated, “Blogs serve two purposes: one, you are trying to inform a buyer about information that they normally ask you in person, or you are writing a book and you will compile your blog later and sell it.”  This struck home.  I have been working on my blog now for three years and I don’t think I am going to wirte a book with this collection of entries.  This blog is intended to inform my clients and possible clients about what is happening with my artwork, how you can purchase it, and what is currently going on in the studio.  So I realize the strict plein air painting subject is not really what I intended when I went out and started a blog.  If I could go back in time and redo my blog I would call it “On and Off the Easel”, however I don’t want to throw away three years of interesting blog posts, so instead of changing my blogs name, I am going to be much less strict about the plein air bit and just give important updates about what is going on with my art.  That is a load off my mind.  I wrote and re-wrote this post a couple of times in my fits of insomnia last night when I was processing all the stuff I experienced at the Aviation Heritage Museum last night.

So that brings us back to the image I am posting with this entry.  This is a plane that hangs from the ceiling in the main room of the Aviation Heritage Museum near the airport in Anchorage, Alaska.  I found it intriguing while listening to Chris Guillebeau’s talk at his The $100 Start Up book signing event, because it was hanging over my head.  It has been a while since I sketched in pen and pencil, and I think I liked it.  I certainly liked Chris’s speech.  He has been to every country in the world except Norway and he will be going there soon!  Oh, and notice that the plane has no tail?  Where did it go?  It is stored in another room as it obviously didn’t fit where this plane is displayed.

Cheers, until next time!

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