365 Days of Beer in 2014!

I am excited to announce a new project that I will be doing in 2014 – the YEAR of BEER!  EVERY DAY I will paint a beer painting of a different beer.  Most beers will be commercial and I will purchase them at local stores and breweries in Anchorage.  Some of them will be beers I brew myself.  I intend to start making more frequent nano-batches, producing less than a gallon of each batch, thereby producing new unique beers every time.

The painting supports will be 8″x10″ cabinet-grade birch plywood coated with my unique red and gold priming base.  I will paint every brew from life, capturing the beer and then consuming it once the painting is complete.  I will give you my impressions along the way.  Don’t think of me as an authoritarian on the complexity of the flavors of each brew.  I am more of a beer aesthetician, commenting on beer culture and the appearance of the individual brews.  I am considering at this point to only consume the beers I paint for the whole year, and none others.  I don’t want to be too strict on this one, but also want to emphasize responsible drinking practices.  I don’t want to sacrifice my health over an art project like the guy from Supersize Me.  I would love to lead by example.  It is possible to enjoy good brew for more than just how much alcohol content it has.  So I will meditate over beer for a whole year!  Cheers!


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