Year of Beer Paintings – Day 38

Duvel Moortgat Brewery produces this über popular strong golden ale and has been making beer since 1871.  This particular style was created to celebrate the end of the first World War.  It was originally called Victory Ale, but became known as Duvel, due to its high alcohol content. The word Duvel in Bartbantian- Ghand and Antwerp dialect translates to devil.  This brew tops in at 8.5% so it is not to be taken lightly, and having several during a football game could be disastrous if not shared properly.  Be forewarned, this is not a session beer!

It tastes strongly of adjunct Belgium sugar and some noble hops.  It pours a pale golden as seen in the painting.  The light lacing of foam was tricky to capture in oils because it disappeared almost instantly.  When I paint a beer from life, like I did this one, I start with the bottle and glass outlines, fill in the background and then paint the label.  I finish by opening the bottle and pouring the beer, then hustling to capture the foam before it dissipates.

A toast to Duvel, a favorite of many, and a great way to cop a buzz without getting filled up!  Just don’t drink too many, or you may develop a devil of a headache!

You can purchase this painting, or limited-edition prints at my Etsy Shop.

Year of Beer 02.07. Duvel. Oil on panel, 8"x10".

Year of Beer 02.07. Duvel. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.

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