Year of Beer Paintings – Day 61

Today’s Year of Beer painting is of one of the greats!  A highly sought-after brew, one super IPA, none other than Russian River Brewing Co’s Pliny The Elder!  I painted this brew because it is such an icon in the beer world, one everyone looks to as a benchmark for what a fresh tasting American IPA should be.  The best part about this one is not how amazing it is,  but that it is consistently amazing, not to mention, hard to get.  When a beer plays hard to get, it has the same effect as if a person is doing it.  It creates a strong demand!  I wish the brewery distributed this brew in Alaska!

I painted the ghost of Pliny the Elder (Gaius Plinius Secundus, AD 23 – August 25, AD 79) in the background to show how much he cares that this epic brew is named after him.  Scientist, philosopher, and discoverer of the hop plant, we should reach out and shake his ghostly hand.  He died during the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius.

To drinking Pliny the beer, and thinking about Plinius Secundus.  Drink this beer fresh and pour a micro-liter out to the ghost of Pliny!

The original painting sold. You can purchase a limited-edition print at my Etsy Shop.

Year of Beer 03.02. Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8"x10".

Year of Beer 03.02. Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.

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