Year of Beer Paintings – Day 112

The beer painting of the day is of Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout by Elysian Brewing Company in Seattle, Washington.  This is a rich, creamy, dark beer that will not only wake up your taste buds but will also get you ready to get your groove on!  This one is an easy drinker at 5.6% — it will please your senses, but will not leave you senseless.  I love dark beers!  Why not put coffee in them!  The more flavor in beer, the better!  One of the few things in life I enjoy as much as beer is a good cup of joe, so I say, dark beer mixed with a dark roast is a good thing.

Elysian Brewing was founded in Seattle in 1995 by Dave Buhler, Joe Bisacca, and Dick Cantwell.  Cantwell had been a homebrewer who gained a reputation at the Duwamps Cafe, the Pike Place Brewery, and Big Time Brewing.  You can tell which breweries were started by home brewers, because the beer they choose to make is so unique, with nontraditional ingredients like Jasmine (Avatar IPA) and coffee.  I am willing to bet Cantwell is a coffee expert, considering the headquarters for Starbucks is right there in Seattle!

Cheers to Elysian, a unique brewery making great craft brew in the rainy city!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer painting of split shot espresso milk stout by elysian brewing year of beer

Year of Beer 04.22. Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout by Elysian Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.



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