Year of Beer Paintings – Day 120

Last day of the glorious month of April.  Yes!  I made it home safely to Alaska!  My packed beer paintings (and beers) from Hawai’i survived the trip.

The beer painting of the day is of Köstritzer Schwarzbier from the town of Bad Köstritz, and is famous for being the oldest schwartzbier!  First brewing this beer in 1543, this brewery has taken tradition to the next level, still utilizing the same beer recipe to this day.  Probably the most famous consumer of this beer over history has been Johann Wolfgang Von Geothe, who consumed this beer during the 19th century.  When he was unable to eat, this beer sustained him!

I love a great dark lager!  Auf Deutsch (in German), “Ich liebe Schwartzbier.”  This one is a good example, classic in form and flavor coming in at 4.8.  The flavors are roasted grain, chocolate and coffee aromas, but also the bready malt flavor of a lager yeast.  Velvety smooth, this beer goes down easily, even if it looks like a big tough dark beer!  If you are not a dark beer drinker, but are attempting to switch over to more hearty brews than simple lagers, here is one that will start you in the right direction.

Prost to a great German brewing tradition!  To Scwartzbier!  Ausgezeichnet Köstritzer, you have been producing an avant garde beer way, way, way ahead of its time!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer painting of koestritzer schwarzbier from germany year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 04.30. Köstritzer Schwarzbier. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.



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