Year of Beer Paintings – Day 138

Driving to my remote property in McCarthy today, right after I paint tomorrow’s beer painting.  Still gotta pack for a two-week trip, and shut down the condo, before the eight-hour drive.  Good thing the sun doesn’t set until… well, I’m note sure, I haven’t seen darkness in about a week.  I have to paint more in McCarthy than I did in Hawaii, so expect to see some paintings with backgrounds of logs and trees.  I am loaded up on tasty beers and am excited to put my outdoor studio back together.  I painted a whole art show out there in 2011.

The daily beer painting is of 1554 from New Belgium Brewing Co.  This beer is awesome!  I remember my first tasting of it, before New Belgium distributed to Alaska.  I was on a family ski trip in Sun Valley, Idaho and a cousin from Colorado brought a six-pack of this fine black lager back to our ski condo.  I was intrigued by the date and style, but not as impressed as I was with the flavor!  This beer is dark, but also smooth.  More bitter than a bock, but not too hoppy as it has a roasted barley chocolate taste.  The lagering process mellows out all the flavors.  Overall, a great one for ski après!  I am a huge fan of New Belgium Brewing and hope that it doesn’t meddle with this amazing beer, because it is as close to perfect as possible at this point, not too weak, yet won’t put hair on your chest.

I’m about to start painting more Colorado beers.  I recently connected with a gentleman from Colorado who is willing to mail me some tasty brews from the Centennial State in return for Alaska beer.  I also received some excellent input on

Three cheers for Colorado!  Hooray for Ranger!  Hooray for Fat Tire!  Hooooray for 1554, the be-ee-er of the day!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer painting of 1554 black lager by New Belgium Brewing co year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 05.18. 1554 Black Lager by New Belgium Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.


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