Year of Beer Paintings – Day 189

So what’s all the hype about Tired Hands Brewing?  Well, damn good beer is!  This beer was excellent!  It had the perfect flavor of a Southern Belgian Saison!  Sour grapes, yes!  Bready, yet yeasty, with an oak flavor, tart and lemony, with a sourness that is just right, and a hint of horse blanket of course, because it just wouldn’t be a perfect Saison without it.  Part of the hype is due to Tired Hands being a small venue producing only 1,000 barrels of beer a year!  Scheduled for a second pub to open, increasing capacity tenfold in 2015.

These guys won a slew of awards in the few years they have been open.  When they were invited to Culmination Beer Festival in Anchorage (being invited is like winning an award) I was told it was not to be missed.  I had a great beer called Enact Positive Change.  I told the fellow who was pouring the beer, “I would like to enact some positive change,” and when he replied, “How are you gonna do that?” I said, ”With more sour beers!”  An inside joke, if you have attended Culmination, as it has a lot of sours and Brettanomyces-forward beers.  I personally like them, but not everybody does.  I guess not all beer is for everybody, some people hate hoppy beers, which I also like (lucky me)!  I like most all varieties of beer.  I would like to see more malt-forward beers.  Nothing makes this beer artist happier than a sweet, Scottish-style ale!

Thanks, Rich, for sending me this über special beer!  I heard fewer than 600 bottles were produced!  You are a great beer art supporter, Rich!  I will be sending something awesome back, rest assured.

Tired Hands, keep on working!  Your hard work is obviously paying off!  I cannot wait to be in your pub (hopefully painting live?) this November!  I want my hands to be tired!  I put my work gloves in this painting because I know what you mean by working hard!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Hand Farm Saison by Tired Hands Brewing Co Year of Beer Paintings

Year of Beer 07.08. Hand Farm Saison by Tired Hands Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.

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