Year of Beer Paintings – Day 192

The featured beer painting of the day is 2013 Bourbon County Brand Stout from Goose Island Beer Company out of Chicago, Illinois.  I made a special effort to have a Facetime toast with Rich, the fellow who sent me this beer from Philly.  He has been feeding great beers to me from the East Coast, and I am very appreciative.  I know this one is a solid winner of a beer, rating 100% on  Great catching up on the news of beer from the East side of the country.  Calling in Rich is calling in a regional beer expert.  I only wish I knew about beer from the East Coast like that, maybe I will get a better overall picture when I go east in November!

The Bourbon County was everything I was expecting, and more.  At 14.5%, it is the strongest beer I have consumed this month, and even after the 6 oz serving I poured myself I could feel it.  Maria, my better half, who drank the other portion, said it reminded her of Anchorage Brewing Company’s Deal with the Devil barleywine.  I thought it was more roasty.  There was a difference in the Oak as well, I think the Bourbon barrels brought on a nice smoothness that must be due to their old age, as I’ve had some whiskey-barrel aged stout that was not as smooth!  The flavor was like chocolate-coated coconuts.  I loved every sip and found it hard to both concentrate on the amazing beer and the long-distance call I was making!  I never realized how far Philly is away from Alaska, until I tried to call there.  Even after I switched back to a regular call, there was still a second-long delay on the phone.

Log-cabin building in the remote section of Alaska known as the Wrangell – St. Elias National Park is a tiring and slow business assuredly, so it is good to have a great beer to drink after a hard day.  Yesterday I made one piece of the post cap I was building wrong twice before I got it on the third try.  I am almost out of chainsaw bar oil, and making a piece thrice was irritating to say the least.  When I popped open the Bourbon County, all my troubles melted away.

Cheers to Bourbon County Brand Stout!  I made a toast all the way across the nation with this one!  I hope you get to drink one of these soon as every drop is liquid gold!

The original painting sold. You can purchase a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Bourbon County Brand Stout by Goose Island Beer co year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 07.11. Bourbon County Brand Stout by Goose Island Beer Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.

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