Year of Beer Paintings – Day 218

The featured beer painting of the day is of Benno Trappistenbier by Stift Engelszell Trappistenbier-Brauerei in Austria, the eighth Trappist brewery in the world.  There are only ten certified Trappist breweries in the world, six in Belgium, two in the Netherlands, one in the good ol’ USA, and one in Austria.  I received this extremely rare beer from La Bodega’s Beer Club and decided it was worthy to be included in the Year of Beer Paintings project due to its special nature.  This beer is a saison, or farmhouse style dark strong ale brewed with honey in traditional Trappist techniques.  Spicy, fruity, and funky with a bit of sweetness, this beer was very good.  Too bad I only got one.  My six ounce portion was enjoyable.  I have to share with my wife, who also thought it was very tasty.

I chose to show the hive of honey bees in the background for a couple of reasons.  First, honey is an ingredient in the beer, but also because the monks that brew beer are one of the oldest social organizations in history.  Monks, like bees, work harmoniously for the common good of the Monastery, benefiting not only the monks, but the community as well.  Look at what the Trappists have done making beer now for over 350 years.  Starting with the first Trappist brewery in La Trappe, France.  Second, the bees make the honey for the beer, and they are beautiful!

If you are lucky enough to get some of the Benno, be bold and buy a bottle!  I was asking my parents’ minister at our local church if she wanted to start a brewery, a little tongue and cheek, but seriously, if Austria can do it, why not Alaska?  Cheers to Benno, a delightful dark Belgian saison with honey!    

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Benno Trapiistenbier trappist beer from austria year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 08.06. Benno Trappistenbier by Stift Engelszell Trappistenbier Brauerei. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.


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