Year of Beer Paintings – Day 227

The featured beer painting of the day is of Shiner Ruby Redbird from Spoetzl Brewing Company in Shiner, Texas.  The directions on the can are, “Serve ice cold on hot days.”  Unfortunately, it is raining today here in Anchorage, which is typical for August.  Well, I have never been that good at following directions anyway.  This beer tastes great in the rain to me!  I can imagine how good it would be after a big day of yard work, that’s pulling stumps and removing fire danger brush for me.

The Ruby Redbird is a great beer, recommended to me by a local Texan who summers in McCarthy.  Thanks, John!  I brew a ginger beer here in my kitchen in Anchorage, and I shared a few around the campfire and heard good things about this hard-to-get, amazing summer shandy called Ruby Redbird.  So, I got a few and haven’t regretted it.  Sweet and fruity, with a nice sharp, tart bite, this beer is unique.  I am glad they can it now, as I believe it is fresher that way, and inherently easier to carry around in a backpack.  At 4.01%, you can easily use this as a hydration beer on a hike, or bike ride.  I am a fan!  Great work, Spoetzl!

Cheers to the Ruby Redbird, an easy-drinking summer brew that surprisingly tastes great even in the rain!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Shiner Ruby Redbird by Spoetzl Brewing Co. Year of Beer Paintings Scott Clendaniel

Year of Beer 08.15. Shiner Ruby Redbird by Spoetzl Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.

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