Year of Beer Paintings – Day 344

The featured beer painting for the day is of Back Forty Beer Company’s Naked Pig Pale Ale. If you read yesterday’s blog post, and guessed Alabama, then you know that as of today, I have painted at least one beer from all 50 states, and DC. Alabama is a long way from Anchorage, Alaska. There is a reason people say it’s in the Deep South, and Alaska is the Far North. I was lucky enough to get to try not only the Naked Pig, but also the Truck Stop Honey Ale. I liked both of these well-crafted beers. The Naked Pig is a very nice, easy-drinking, pale ale with a good blend of flavor, and a perfect balance of grain and hops. Brewed with five additions of Warrior and Cascade hops, Munich and American malts, this is a very nice beer to enjoy with a proper dinner.

I want to send out a huge thanks to John Rice for sending this beer all the way to Alaska! I was really excited to receive the last missing bottle. This project has been a whirlwind of excitement! I have been so lucky to enjoy such a large variety of beers, not only from every state, but also from countries all over the world! Alabama is a milestone for me, and I look forward to the day I am drinking a Naked Pig Pale Ale in Gadsden, Alabama!

Cheers to the Back Forty Beer Company! I bet you never thought your beer would end up all the way in Alaska. I hope your brewery is a huge success, just like the flavor of the Naked Pig!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Naked Pig Pale Ale by Back Forty Beer Co year of beer painting scott clendaniel

Year of Beer 12.10. Naked Pig Pale Ale by Back Forty Beer Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.


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