It’s not Christmas yet!!!

As Scott and I walked through the main shopping mall today to take some packages to the post office, we were stunned to see the whole place decked out with Christmas trees, garlands, the works!  On top of that, the mall, where our studio is, started playing Christmas carols right after Halloween.  Luckily, closing our door blocks that out.  In my memory, this is the earliest retailers have dared to inflict the holiday shopping season on consumers.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and this year, I feel like retailers just want to skip it, unless they’re in the turkey and grocery businesses.  The sad thing is by the time Christmas actually rolls around, everyone will be really tired of it.  Is this happening in other places, or just in Anchorage?

Our Etsy shop is already showing signs of holiday shopping, with more frequent “cha-ching” sounds notifying us of another sale, and we are grateful for that.  Scott is staying on top of commissioned paintings for Christmas presents, and still accepting orders.  I always thought the first Friday after Thanksgiving was the beginning of the Christmas shopping season!  I hope one day that will be the case again, as consumers refuse to buy into an eight week shopping season.

Speaking of holiday shopping, this year the Maury Studio Sale will not be happening, because Toni and Ashley are taking a year off due to family commitments, but Scott and I will carry on the tradition in our studio.  Our Holiday Studio Sale will take place the same weekend as always, December 4-5.  We will be sending out more information about it later.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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