Entering Summer Mode

~ by Maria Benner

We are currently transitioning into summer mode, which means going back and forth between our home in Anchorage and our wilderness retreat in McCarthy.  We’ve been building a log cabin ourselves since 2012 on our 10.3 acres, and this summer we’ll be finishing this monumental project, if everything goes according to plan.  I’ve been keeping a journal of our cabin-building days and so far we’ve spent exactly 171 days working on it, starting by cutting down the first tree to make the clearing.  Unfortunately, our piece of land is about 306 miles away from Anchorage, so we try to go there for extended periods of time.  This time we’re going for three weeks.  This requires a lot of planning and packing.  We have several lists.  One for building supplies, one for Costco, one for Fred Meyer, and one for things to pack from the studio so we can keep working out there.  Why do we go through all this effort to spend some time so far away from home?  Because this…

McCarthy, Alaska

During this trip we plan to install the flooring in the cabin, three windows, a door, the gutter system, and start chinking the gaps between the logs.  As always, our truck will be loaded to the max with food for three weeks, building supplies, and a lot of other stuff that two humans need for living in the woods.  We’ll be back in Anchorage about May 28th, so we can have enough time to mail out orders, and get ready for Scott’s art opening at Midnight Sun Brewing Company on June 3rd.  We’ll stay in Anchorage for most of June, because the bug situation in McCarthy in June is horrific, and there are better places in Alaska to be during that time.  At the end of June, after our annual fish harvest, we’ll load the truck again, and drive back to McCarthy for most of July.  Summer is crazy in Alaska due to nearly 17 hours of daylight, but it’s an amazing time of year, and I’m very excited about the whole summer being ahead of us!

2 thoughts on “Entering Summer Mode

  1. John Rice

    Hi Maria,
    We will be up about May 22nd. I’m bringing a couple of bottles of beer for Scott so maybe i can leave them In the Museum for him.


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