Beers for Painting in the Future

~ by Maria Benner

With the booming craft brewing industry, Scott is not even close to running out of beers to paint.  The only challenge is finding ones that are worthy of the honor of being immortalized in oil paint!  So a couple months ago, we asked our social media followers which beers Scott should paint next, and got a lot of responses.  The challenge is that in order to blog about the beer and the painting of it, Scott has to drink the beer (this is not the case for commissions, since he doesn’t have to blog about those).

So, here are the beers that our followers suggested that we cannot get in Alaska, or have not tried yet.  Mailing beer is legal through FedEx and UPS, and I’m pretty sure that USPS doesn’t care, since it’s not flammable, or explosive.  If you happen to have these easily accessibly to you, consider sending them our way, and we’ll send you some tasty Alaska beers in return.

Wisconsinite Summer Weiss Beer by Lakefront Brewery, Inc.

Mistletoe by Howard Brewing in Lenoir, NC

Fantasy Factory by Karben4 Brewing in WI

Truth IPA by Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, OH

Of course, there are many more brews on our wish list, and if you happen to have some that you think would make great paintings, just let us know.


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