Dog Portraits

There are cat people, and there are dog people.  From my experience as an artist, dog owners must love their pets more than cat owners, because I’ve painted way more commissioned portraits of dogs than of cats.  Maybe this is not an accurate way to measure a person’s love for their furry companion, in fact, I’m completely joking.  In all seriousness, after beer, dogs are the second most popular subject matter for commissioned oil paintings among my customer base.

I don’t have a dog, mainly because our condo association doesn’t allow pets, and also because we travel too much, but my family has always had multiple dogs and cats, so I grew up with them.  Whenever possible, I prefer to meet the dog, before I paint a portrait of it.  That way, I can incorporate its personality into the painting.  Here are a few examples of my dog portraits, and one of a cat.

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