Pick Six.

A couple weeks ago we visited Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, and on the drive there, I read an article (my wife was driving) that showed up in my e-mail from Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine called Pick Six: Russian River Brewing’s Vinnie Cilurzo.  The article was about the six beers that Cilurzo, owner/brewer of Russian River prefers to drink off the clock.  So that made me think about which six beers are my favorite.  I’ve sampled hundreds of beers, including every single one featured on this blog.  So here’s my list of favorites:

Bitter Monk IPA by Anchorage Brewing Co: This Belgian style double IPA with Brettanomyces is aged in french oak chardonnay barrels. Need I say more?

Termination Dust by Midnight Sun Brewing Co: This is a Belgian style barley wine aged in bourbon oak barrels.  Each sip is full of robust flavors of fruit, chocolate and smooth bourbon.  One of the best barley wines I’ve had.

Celebration IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co: This fresh hop IPA is one of my favorite seasonal beers.  The hop flavor is well-balanced, yet hardy, and the beer is crisp and refreshing.  This brewery is inspiring and is world-class.

Obsidian Stout by Deschutes Brewing Co: This is an excellent example of a stout.  The flavor of roasted malt is balanced with the right amount of sweetness, without the hint of sour bitterness that is in many stouts.

Einbecker Pils: We drank this beer in Germany on a hot summer day, and it tasted like liquid sunshine.  When I think of German pils, I think of this beer.

Hoegaarden: We rode our bikes through the town of Hoegaarden, past the huge brewery, and stopped at a local watering hole for a couple pints right next to the source.  I think this beer is one of the best examples of a wit beer.

We are always reading about famous brewers’ favorite beers, but it was fun to think about which beers I would put on my short list of six.  So, if you were to pick six, which ones would they be?


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