Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #124. Porg Beer.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away!  PORG BEER!  Brewed the easy way (using the Force).  Dry-hopped with 100% fresh Porgs.  Low in calories, this Rebel friendly IPA is completely session-able.  Politically correct, this beer is brewed without any profits going to support the Empire.  Available at your local rebel recruiting station.  Obi Wan’s favorite brew to coerce new Jedis into becoming hooked on the Force.  Brewed with water harvested from local condensers on Tatooine, the choicest Porg feathers, and only the finest grains harvested on Naboo.  This fine Itapi Prime Ale (IPA) is a smooth concoction, one that will be sure to taste great at your next intergalactic gathering, or simply enjoy when your spaceship is parked at the spaceport.  Just make sure you check your blood alcohol content before departure, as nobody wants a PUI (piloting under the influence).  If caught by Imperial Authorities, you risk impound of your vessel and they could get you for bootlegging this illicit beverage.  And remember when you sit back to enjoy a lovely Porg Beer, may the Force be with you!

The original oil painting sold.  Limited-edition prints are available at our Etsy shop RealArtIsBetter.

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #124. Porg Beer. By Scott Clendaniel. 1"1x14", oil on panel.

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #124. Porg Beer. By Scott Clendaniel. 1″1×14″, oil on panel.


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