Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #140. Schnickelfritz Weissbier by Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.

Ist das nicht ein Schnickelfritz! Ja das ist ein Schnickelfritz, oh du schöne Schnickelfritz!
“Is this not a Schnickelfritz, yes this is a Schnickelfritz, oh you pretty Schnickelfritz!”
The Schnickelfritz is so German you just might find yourself singing this ditty auf Deutsch (in German) after drinking this tasty heffe.  Schnickelfritz is slang for a German misbehaving child, but is also a weissbier, a beer brewed with wheat in St. Louis, MO, at the Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.   This beer is becoming very popular in the area, so popular that guys like me in Alaska are getting to try it!  Thanks John Rice for driving this one all the way to McCarthy!  I was thinking I could put a Schnitzelbank (a traditional German tool for log peeling) in the background, but I told Maria about it and she said that was way too obscure of a reference.  So I did more research and found out that this beer, as well as many other Urban Chestnut beers, are served at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.  I think the reason it would be so good at the stadium is the 360 pop top that lets you really smell the aromatics of the beer.  No plastic cup, thank you!
Florian Kuplent, brewer and startup founder of Urban Chestnut, started the brewery with David Wolfe in 2011.  Florian was born in Germany and spent many years brewing traditional german beers before coming to America where he worked at an East coast brewery and spent some time honing his skills making craft beer for the giant Anheuser Busch.  Basically, Kuplent worked all over the world with some experience in Germany, England, Belgium, and America!  No wonder the Schnickelfritz Weissbier is so world class!  It was brewed with world renowned experience!  Prost (cheers) to Schnickelfritz, a truly German-American beer!

The original oil painting sold. Limited-edition prints are available at our Etsy shop RealArtIsBetter.

Thirsty Thursday #140. Schnickelfritz Weissbier by Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. 8"x10", oil on panel. By Scott Clendaniel.

Thirsty Thursday #140. Schnickelfritz Weissbier by Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. 8″x10″, oil on panel. By Scott Clendaniel.


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