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Chester Creek Trail

chester creek river bridge anchorage painting

Can you believe this weather?!  Went out to the Chester Creek Trail today and stayed close to home, I enjoyed the shady bank of the creek and thought about how many times I crossed that bridge all winter long!  This was a repainted support and I am glad that this painting turned out better.  I am still working on the beer paintings, I will start photographing them and putting them up on a new page in about a week.  Stay tuned for more exciting plein air paintings, tomorrow I head out with the plein air painters of Anchorage!  Hope it is a good turnout…

MAY 22, 2009

Balto seppala park in anchorage alaska soccer field mountains painting

I tried to meet with the plein air painting group but obviously missed them.  Oh well, there is always next week.  Since I was in a hurry, because I had an important sushi date with my friend Yuki, (mm mmm sushi) I was only able to put together this little piece.  I painted it from the sledding hill at Balto Seppala park in Turnagain.  This hill has many important memories for me.  It is more than simply the highest place in the neighborhood, it is where I learned to downhill ski, hung out for bicycle jousting, (don’t even ask) and I even proposed to Maria on this very spot.  So I hope it is as fun for you to look at this painting as it was for me to paint.

Ship Creek

I made it home from my property in McCarthy, which is located in the heart of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park, I unfortunately was not able to hang my tree house as I had hoped.  It was a bummer.  I am currently trying to decide whether I should continue with the tree house idea or simply leave the grounded structure as a bicycle/tool shed.  I am looking forward to returning to the park in a few weeks, and will hopefully be able to conclude the tree house saga.  I was painting today along Ship Creek looking at this old building.  It reminded me of Duke Russell’s painting I saw at Snow City Cafe about five years ago and felt that it was an interesting dichotomy between nature and architecture.  I was also hoping to see some fishermen hauling in some salmon, but alas they were getting skunked. 

anchorage ship creek powerhouse painting

WOW! Off and Running. New blog with features!

Well, I was learning about blogging yesterday and I realized I needed whoozits and whootinannies to make this cool.  So here it is, and I am uploading a new pic from two days ago.  It is very very small, and pretty weak.  Actually I am going to finish it right now as I went past the same place on the way to Soung’s restaurant Mtn View Wings a second time.  So I will touch it up now.  Okay, well I worked it a bit more, it is still kind of a poor painting, but I attest that to the paint conditions, I need to mix a new palette.  So I am hoping this will be a fun BLOG hoping to make it a PLOG or a VLOG — that’s painting log or video log.  It should be pretty cool as I kind of like this blogging thing and I know that nobody is really going to read this entry, but anyhow hope you will follow the blog as it is going to be fun and updated all the time.  Stay tuned for more paintings and maybe videos about painting.