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Down to Earth Session IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery

What happens when you send a reluctant chimp into space and then let him return to Earth?  The answer is one happy monkey chillin’ at the beach sipping on session-able IPAs.  21st Amendment Brewery has been making a great session ale for years, but when I stepped into its San Francisco pub and saw that the Bitter American has returned to Earth, I couldn’t believe my eyes, nor the delicious taste on my tongue.  I have a love for simians of all kinds: apes, monkeys, chimps.  There is something primal about watching the animal that we are most closely related to.  I feel that humans often reject the instincts that our tree-swinging cousins embody.  The simple joys in life are what makes life worth living.  Having a cold brew, or three on the beach is one of those things that I simply do not want to skip.  A nice cool dip in the Pacific Ocean followed by a refreshing sip brings you Down to Earth in a way that this monkey finds simply refreshing!  I hope you enjoy this painting and have a cold one for me in the heat of the sun!

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Down to Earth Session IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery. Oil on panel, 8"x10", by Scott Clendaniel.

Down to Earth Session IPA by 21st Amendment Brewery. Oil on panel, 8″x10″, by Scott Clendaniel.


Year of Beer Paintings – Day 95

The daily beer painting is of Sneak Attack by 21st Amendment Brewery.  This beer is a 6.5% Farmhouse Saison ale brewed with cardamom.  The 21st Amendment repealed prohibition, and this brewery is as forward thinking as the great generation that did away with bootleggers.  I enjoyed this beer the first time I had it at the GNBC (Great Northern Brewers Club) January meeting.  The image on the can caught my eye.  The artwork is commemorating Washington’s unexpected crossing of the icy Delaware River, which led to a crucial victory over the British.

This beer is heavy on the cardamom, a unique spice to add to late winter beer.  Also, a Saison in late winter?  Maybe for California, but here in Alaska we normally hit barley wine until… well we actually drink it all year long.  A Saison is a refreshing option as a seasonal in the mid winter doldrums.  Cardamom lends itself nicely to the saison yeast strain in this beer, adding a nice, fruity, dry finish.  It will make you smack your lips, and have another taste just because it is a little different.

To George Washington’s daring moves, and to daring breweries everywhere!  Keep surprising us, 21st Amendment!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy Shop.

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Beer Painting of Sneak Attack by 21st Amendment Brewery San Francisco California year of beer

Year of Beer 04.05. Sneak Attack by 21st Amendment Brewery. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.