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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 194

The featured beer painting of the day is of Weyerbacher Merry Monks Belgian-Style Tripel Ale.  I popped the cork off of this one at a colossal party in McCarthy.  Everybody who is hip in Alaska knows that this is the one party of the year in McCarthy that should not be missed!  The potluck picnic is in the afternoon, the fire rages all day and through the night, beer and cider are available for a cup donation fee, and did I mention the bands?  The line-up featured about five Alaskan bands.  To say the least, it was an epic party!

I shared this bottle with fellow party-goers, and we discussed its merits.  It went over really well.  I’ve noticed that there are two types of beer drinkers in McCarthy: the ones who pretty much only drink PBR, and the others who are equal opportunity drinkers and appreciate whatever they can get.  The local liquor store offers a scant selection at premium prices, which is what you would expect at a remote place sixty miles down a dirt road from the nearest remote liquor store/bar.  So when I busted out a bottle of Merry Monks, I was quite popular, until the bottle was gone.  I got comments about the sweetness, and the yeastiness, but basically people were impressed with the cool-looking bottle.  They wanted to know where it was from and how I came to have a rare bottle of beer in this remote Alaskan town.

I enjoyed this one.  It was sweet and had the Belgian yeast twang.  The fruit aroma and flavor were strong.  Plums, apricots, and a little banana came to mind after it warmed a little by the fire.  Overall, this was a very solid beer.  Thanks to Rich, once again, for sending this one my way.  I would buy it and drink it again.  I know it isn’t cheap, but the best things are often worth the extra buck!

Cheers to Merry Monks, the beer that everyone wanted to try!  A great example of the Belgian Tripel, and a job well done by Weyerbacher of Easton, PA!

The original painting sold. You can purchase a limited-edition print, or order a custom beer painting at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Merry Monks Belgian-style ale by weyerbacher brewing year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 07.13. Merry Monks Belgian-Style Ale by Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.