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Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #117. Slow Down Brown by Denali Brewing Co.

Every year the sunsets come earlier and earlier, the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp.  The hectic schedule Alaskans experience all summer begins to slow down.  Autumn, the fore-bearer to winter, is a time that all Alaskans start to prepare for the winter experience.  In the animal kingdom it is referred to as hibernation.  I might not sleep like a black bear, which forgo drinking and eating while hibernating.  I just take it easy.  Sleeping more, doing less.  During the summer it’s a get-it-done-while-you-can attitude. There is road construction, fishing, building, and recreation that can take up to 20 hours of the day.  People hardly stop to rest.  In the winter we experience what Alaskans call “down time”.  Time to hone the tools, do indoor projects, fix the fishing nets, eat, sleep, and well… sleep some more.  The fall is what we call the shoulder season and we begin to slow down.  The brewing geniuses at Denali Brewing Co. made a seasonal beer to honor this phenomenon called Slow Down Brown.  It is a spiced brown ale that has a bit of a kick at 6.1% ABV.  Sri Lankan spices and chocolate malt make this a precursor to a winter warmer.  I last drank this around a campfire and it was the perfect complement to the dark skies and early snowfall this year.  If you are an Alaskan, or just love things AK, I urge you to seek out a Slow Down Brown and to take it easier.  It’s a good idea to rest up for the craziness that will ensue shortly after the spring equinox rolls around.
Cheers to taking it easy with a Slow Down Brown!

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Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #117. Slow Down Brown Ale by Denali Brewing Co. 8"x10", oil on panel. By Scott Clendaniel.

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #117. Slow Down Brown Ale by Denali Brewing Co. 8″x10″, oil on panel. By Scott Clendaniel.