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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 254

The featured beer painting of the day is of Das Naturtrübe Unfiltered Pils by Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu. This beer is from Stuttgart, Germany. My question is, why do we call it Germany here in America when it is actually Deutschland? Same with most German cities: Munich is actually München, Cologne is Köln. Why do we try to confuse ourselves by misnaming places? At least Stuttgart is Stuttgart in English and German (Deutsch). Okay, back to the beer. Das Naturtrübe is a pretty easy-drinking, good craft beer. When I opened the bottle, I noticed the best aroma, full of citrus fruit and bread. The beer was slightly cloudy, and perfectly carbonated. It poured with a thick foam that didn’t dissipate too rapidly. I shared it with Maria (my wife and beer accomplice), so I only had a quarter of a liter. I love the swing arm bottle, which reminded me of opening a bottle of homebrew. The flavor was unmistakably of German pilsner, but on steroids. This is a full-flavored beer for sure, thicker than other German pilsners. I read a review about this beer saying it was a hefe. I don’t think so. I believe it was lagered like a pilsner should be. I also don’t think there is any wheat in the beer. I assume it was made like a traditional pilsner, using the 100-200 year-old recipe, or like the way a pilsner is made in a home brewery, without pasteurization, or carbonation tanks. This was made the natural way, which leaves it slightly hazy and loaded with more flavor!

Ein Prost! Nach dem Naturtrübe! Great beer from a great country! I hope to visit Stuttgart some time soon.

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Beer Painting of Das Naturtrube German pils year of Beer Paintings

Year of Beer 09.11. Das Naturtrübe Pils by Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.