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Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #83, July 28, 2016, Daisy Cutter Pale Ale by Half Acre Beer Co.

Happy Thirsty Thursday!  Today I want to talk a little about video games.  I put my four favorite  classic arcade games in this composition, and the beer is placed on a table console.  Video games have always been one of the things I love, from Commodore to Playstation, I have enjoyed them all.  Arcades though charge per play, which was hardly ever allowed for me.  I could maybe play one, or two quarters when I really was lucky.  Of course I got to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s‎, where you get tokens with pizza, so that is where I played the most arcade games as a child.  In college there was a free Rampart console that we would play endlessly, it was so great!  But my classic arcade favorites are Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, and Golden Axe.  I remember countless hours played on all of these games.  They just scream fun!  I was thinking about Half Acre Beer Company lately, because it collaborated on a Sierra Nevada Beer Camp beer with a variety of other breweries.  Anyway, top of mind brought me to this painting here.  Arcade video games and Half Acre’s tasty beers.  I would have chosen Space as my Half Acre beer to paint, but come to think of it, Daisy Cutter would probably keep me in better game playing form.  Also, Space is not available in cans yet, which I think would be a cool release.  We stopped at the brewery during our trip to Chicago last summer, and both Space and Daisy Cutter were superb.  Actually, every beer I had at Half Acre was really good.  Cheers to some of my favorite things, BEER and VIDEO GAMES!

This original oil painting, and 52 limited-edition prints are for sale at my Etsy shop RealArtIsBetter.

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #83 by Scott Clendaniel. July 28, 2016. Daisy Cutter Pale Ale by Half Acre Beer Co. 11"x14", oil on panel.

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #83 by Scott Clendaniel. July 28, 2016. Daisy Cutter Pale Ale by Half Acre Beer Co. 11″x14″, oil on panel.


Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #36, September 3, 2015

I recently traveled to the Midwest, and was lucky enough to make a visit to the Union at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I had a beer for lunch and a taste of the local ice cream. Whodathunkit, but ice cream and beer for lunch is a good idea! I also had a Union burger, which was okay, until I loaded it up with the huge amount of condiments and toppings available. It was very hot for this Alaskan’s blood, so the cold one and the extra cold one (ice cream) were a big hit. Windy on the lake, but my beer was guarded with my life. The iconic colorful metal chairs livened up the atmosphere.

My beer of choice was Hopaliscious, which is an American Pale Ale with a serious hop bite. A great beer, from a great place, in the middle of our great country. I knew that Wisconsin has great cheese, but since I live in Alaska, and getting beer from Wisconsin that isn’t brewed in a macro facility in Milwaukie is a bit tough, I was pleasantly surprised to discover delicious craft beer there. Luckily, I have a friend who was getting married there, and I decided it was time to make a trip to the lovely Midwestern State. The first beer I drank in Wisconsin was Hopaliscious from Ale Asylum, and I was immediately impressed. So much, I knew I was going to make a beer painting of it. Drinking this beer on the shore of a lake is a perfect match, just like the couple I watched getting married! Great job, Ale Asylum!

The original painting, and limited-edition prints are for sale at my Etsy shop.
hopalicious by ale asylum wisconsin beer art at the union at university of wisconsin madison

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #36 by Scott Clendaniel. September 3, 2015. Hopalicious by Ale Asylum. 8″x10″, oil on panel.