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~ by Maria Benner

Today I placed an order from RedBubble.com for two t-shirts with Scott’s beer art screen-printed on them.  Last month we were sitting at the bar at Lagunitas Brewing Co. in Petaluma, CA, and admiring the bartender’s shirt, which had Starry Night with a beer pint on it.  Scott painted a similar beer parody of Van Gogh’s famous piece, and so we decided it would be a good idea to license Scott’s paintings so they can be on shirts.  Well, after doing some research, I found RedBubble.com, a commerce site that prints artists’ works on clothing, mugs, laptop cases, clocks, and many other consumer goods.  They also handle all the shipping, and communication with customers, and we get a percentage of each sale.  The artist can set that percentage to any level, but that number affects the retail price, so it can’t be too high.  So I opened an account, and uploaded Scott’s series of famous paintings with beer.  We also created a new 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall Poster, a calendar, and a Beer Art History poster.  One of our friends in Oregon ordered the Great Beer Wave of Kanagawa shirt, and said it was high quality and the screen print looked great!  I’m looking forward to receiving our shirts in the mail!  I’m going to upload many more paintings, not just the beer-themed ones.  I’m having so much fun seeing Scott’s art on merchandise!