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Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #97, November 3, 2016, Pliny the Elder IPA by Russian River Brewing Co.

On the road again!  What a road it is.  Leaving San Jose and heading straight for the ocean, we ended up at Half Moon Bay.  The last time we were there was seven years ago, when we camped at Half Moon Bay during our tandem bicycle tour down the Pacific Coast.  The surf was up, and I didn’t feel like swimming, because there is a wicked rip current that will take you out to sea!  We stopped for coffee and a doughnut and then drove straight to San Fransisco, and over the Golden Gate Bridge.  We continued up Highway 1, or should I say roller coaster 1, because that’s what it felt like, and we were going to stop for barbecued oysters along Tomales Bay, but time was getting short, and I had a painting date at the world-famous Russian River Brewing Co.  We were greeted at the door by the host, who was expecting me, “Painter Scott”.  Yep, that’s me.  

The drive to Russian River reminded me of being on the bike tour, and I decided to relax and let my painting tell a story of the road trip to Santa Rosa, to show the pilgrimage to the brew pub that so many people make.  About half an hour into the painting, which is of Pliny the Elder, Maria gets a phone call from our college friend Moriah, who just happens to be in town for work, and so she meets us at the brewery!  I get to talk with a nice couple at a nearby table, and also run into a lady who recognizes my Midnight Sun Brewing t-shirt, and stops me to tell me that MSBC’s first Chef is from Santa Rosa and just started a new brewery down the road.  The woman is his daughter.  Small world.  I filled my Russian River growler and walked the mile home to Hotel Azura, where we watched the 6th game of the World Series, while drinking delicious Russian River beer.  Even my team won the game!  Overall a fabulous day!  It doesn’t get any better than this!       

The original oil painting sold. Limited-edition prints are available at my Etsy shop RealArtIsBetter. 


Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #56, January 21, 2016, Parabola Imperial Stout by Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Deep black mahogany, as black as soot, with a flavor that won’t quit, but makes you want to come back for more. Barrel aged in whiskey barrels, nothing has quite the same flavor as a whiskey barrel-aged imperial stout. Firestone Walker’s Parabola is not one to be missed if you get lucky enough to find one. I was at Brown Jug Liquor Store in Anchorage, Alaska and I saw the fancy FW box being handed over to a gentleman. I inquired where I might also find the special liquid from the back basement cellar storage room. He went and brought me up a special bottle and I was surprised to find that the FW barrel aged ales were only $15 a bottle! For 14% beer that has been barrel-aged, that’s a good deal! Especially when it tastes as good as this one does! I opened this bottle on New Year’s Eve, and I believe it was a good choice.

I painted it with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, because the landmark is between Firestone Walker’s two restaurants and tasting rooms. The Golden Gate Bridge is also the largest parabola that I have ever seen. The Eiffel Tower also has a sweet parabola at the base of it, but I figured it wasn’t Californian enough, and also much smaller. If you ever get a chance to buy a bottle of Parabola, I would highly recommend enjoying it as a picnic item on the rocks overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Cheers to Firestone Walker! An award winning, stellar brewery that distributes to Alaska!

The original oil painting sold. Limited-edition prints are available at my Etsy shop, RealArtIsBetter.

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #56 by Scott Clendaniel. January 21, 2016. Parabola Imperial Stout by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 11"x14", oil on panel.

Thirsty Thursday Beer Painting #56 by Scott Clendaniel. January 21, 2016. Parabola Imperial Stout by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 11″x14″, oil on panel.

Year of Beer Paintings – Day 187

The beer painting of the day is of Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery.  This beer is made from all natural ingredients, including real watermelons.  I have had other fruit concoctions that can hardly be called beer, but this one is the real deal, with real fruit!  I was skeptical after tasting beers that were closer related to a Jolly Rancher than to a hefeweizen!  This is a perfect summer drink!  Good call, 21st Amendment for making this your summer seasonal!

I am a big fan of the product line that this brewery puts out!  Not only is the beer really good, but the packaging is perfect!  One of my favorites just sold out of my Etsy shop, the Bitter American!

To Hell or High Watermelon!  Even Lady Liberty needs a little refreshment — she is so tired from the walk across the nation that she had to rest on the Golden Gate Bridge!  Fourth of July weekend is a good time to hang up your hats, and kick back for a bit of watermelon!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery Year of Beer Paintings

Year of Beer 07.06. Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.