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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 245

The featured beer painting of the day is of Schell’s Goosetown Ale brewed with coriander and salt. This beer is from August Schell Brewing Company, located in New Ulm, Minnesota. I must say, I have never been to Minnesota, but if I can judge a culture based on beer I’ve had from there, it seems like a cool place indeed. Brewing since 1860, Schell’s brewery is the second oldest family-owned brewery, right after Yuengling. August Schell was a German immigrant who put his knowledge right to work making quality beer in Minnesota!

I think this was the third beer that my friend Erin brought back from Minnesota in the line up at the beer tasting party! Schell’s Goosetown, is a wheat beer. We were all surprised at the strange combo of coriander and salt. Normally, to make a Belgian style wit, coriander would be added with dried orange peels. The salt did not adversely affect the brew, instead it enhanced the overall taste of the coriander. However, this is not a wit but a Gose, which is new to me, I guess you never stop learning. It says on the bottle that a traditional Gose should taste lemon bright with coriander aroma. The salt makes the beer remind the drinker of a cool ocean breeze. Strange that salt, or pepper are beer ingredients. I have added brewer’s salt to my homebrew, and I wonder if this was brewer’s salt in the Goosetown, which is used to bring out the flavors and aroma in IPAs.

Cheers to a traditional Gose! A beer I have never had before! Now I will be looking out for it! Great work, August Schell Brewing!

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Beer Painting of Schell's Goosetown year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 09.02. Schell’s Goosetown Ale by August Schell Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.