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Paul and Jenny’s Homestead!

Alaska garden and cabin painting

Yesterday I went out to visit my friends Paul and Jenny who live about 10 miles down the Nizina Road.  We rode our bikes out over the fairly rough dirt road in about an hour.  I had a killer time looking around their new improvements.  They have an enormous garden, it may be the biggest I have seen in the McCarthy area.  Their pig may also be the biggest pig I have ever seen.  Produce that should go to the state fair including some mega cabbages, lettuces, and I am sure if it were entered, a blue ribbon turnip.  The lettuce was so big I decided to put it in the foreground of this little painting.  I left the painting behind to dry and hopefully will be hung in their little cabin in a few weeks. Another noteworthy addition to the homestead is the gigantic root cellar newly installed last year.  After visiting the mushroom forest and a few trips to the creek for water and cold beer, Maria and I packed up to leave. About a mile out the road I realized I had plugged my cell phone into the solar system and left it there.  So as I was calculating how far I had gone from their place with my bicycle cpu (I had left my backpack on the side of the road,  and wanted to make sure I could find it) I missed the turn to their place and then accidentally explored the Nizina neighborhood fairly intensely. After a few misdirected miles, I figured out my bearings and found the right turn and my cell phone.  Maria only had to wait for a few minutes as I was riding around in a frenzy to not hold her up too badly. We made it home with enough time for dinner before dark and about ten minutes faster than on the way there! Overall a great Alaska adventure!