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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 119

The beer painting of the day is of Kirin Ichiban.  This is the oldest brewery in Japan.  “Ichi” means first, and “ban” means best.  The Beer Advocate community doesn’t think very highly of this beer, but I think it is a great refresher for a simple beer with simple meals.  Also, it may be fresher here in Hawaii than on the East Coast, probably due to the high turnover from the large population of Asians here on the Island.  This beer is normally pretty expensive, like Heineken or Bitburger, because it is considered an imported beer, but here on the Big Island this offering is affordable.  Unlike most Japanese beers that are brewed with rice, just like Budweiser, Kirin is a crisp, clear, all-malt beer!

Well, I fly home tonight.  I’ll be home painting new brews shortly.  Looking forward to drinking craft beer that isn’t heat contaminated.  Even Sierra Nevada Pale Ale tastes a little off here.  The hops just can’t hang with a five day sail.  Makes you wonder about the original IPA, and how much it must have sucked by the time it hit India.

Way to go Kirin!  Loving the crisp taste of the ichiban beer of Japan!  Especially here on the Big Island of Hawaii, which could totally use a few more craft breweries!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Kirin Ichiban from Japan Year of Beer Paintings

Year of Beer 04.29. Kirin Ichiban. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.

Year of Beer Paintings – Day 116

I remember the first time I drank an Asahi Extra Dry.  I was in a Tokyo hostel in 2010 and purchased a 500 ml can from a vending machine for 500 yen.  I think I had a second one, because I was relieved I had found the hostel in the dark and in pouring rain, which happened to be on the 18th floor of the tallest building in the area.  I could see for miles around, just like when I visited the Asahi tower the next day.  The Asahi tower looks like a beer glass with foam on top and the brewery next to it looks like a black, old-fashioned brew kettle with golden steam rising from it.  If you have never had an Asahi, it is the number one seller of beer and soft drinks in Japan, and better beer than most American domestics.  It sure tastes great with sushi. Surprisingly (heavy irony) I found the best sushi in Japan.  Not in Tokyo where I thought it would be, but in a beach resort town called Shirahama.  After riding the shinkansen (bullet train) out of Tokyo, I arrived at a minshuku (a Japanese B&B), and the host told me to go to his friend’s sushi restaurant, which had a great reputation.  I learned that sushi means finger food in Japanese.  Another amazing feature of Shirahama are the onsen (hot springs).  You can get hotspring water piped to your house in Shirahama.  Our host had three special baths: one for men, one for women, and one for families.  The best onsen bath was right next to the Pacific Ocean, naturally carved out of lava rocks.  Having separate sides for men and women, this place didn’t allow clothing. Drink up an Asahi Extra Dry at your next sushi gathering.  I prefer to roll mine at home.  That way I can drink whatever I want. Tosuto oishi Nippon biru!  To tasty Japanese beer!  Way to be Asahi, you are a big fish in a big pond, rockin’ your way all around the world!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Japan beer Asahi Extra Dry Year of Beer Paintings

Year of Beer 04.26. Asahi Extra Dry. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.