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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 330

This year is flying by! I only have 35 beer paintings to make, and I have scheduled beers for the rest of the year! At least I haven’t been bored. You know your life is getting a little hectic when you find that sitting on the airplane is a nice break. I’m still hoping we’ll get some snow before tomorrow, but that doesn’t seem to be likely. Right now our roads are as icy as an ice arena. Now is a good time to put on your skates and take a frosty bottle down to a lake for a good ol’ fashioned sip and slide.

The featured beer painting for today is of Prairie Hop Belgian-Style Ale by Prairie Artisan Ales in Oklahoma. So far every sip of beer I’ve had from this spectacular brewery has brought joy to my palate! The first time I ran across this brewery was at the Culmination Beer Festival in Anchorage, and if a brewery is invited to this event, that’s saying a lot for the quality of its beer. I have definitely enjoyed the Cherry Funk; and the Prairie Bomb was one of the best imperial stouts I’ve ever had! Last night when I cracked open this dry-hopped saison, I was immediately impressed. The Simcoe and Citra hops are very evident, and produce a pleasant citrus aftertaste. The beer was carbonated perfectly, which made it taste refreshing. I was surprised when I saw on the bottle that the ABV is 8%, because it tastes very smooth, like a beer that could be around 5%. The last time I had a pale ale that tasted this nice was in Vermont, and I think that is saying something. I really do not know anything about the Sooner State except that the Prairie Artisan Ales are really good, so when I think of Oklahoma, I think of this brewery. Looks like I will have to add y’all to my “must visit for beer” list. Thanks, Lisa and Jim, for bringing this beer from your travels for my project!

Cheers to the best beers in Oklahoma! Great work on the Prairie Hop! I hop you keep on making such vibrant, interesting, avant-garde brews!

The original painting sold. You can purchase a limited-edition print, or order a custom beer painting at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Prairie Hop Year of Beer Paintings Scott Clendaniel

Year of Beer 11.26. Prairie Hop Belgian-Style Ale by Prairie Artisan Ales. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.


Year of Beer Paintings – Day 301

Today’s featured beer painting is of Delirium Nocturnum brewed in Melle/Ghent, Belgium since 1654. This beer makes me think of Timothy Q. Mouse and Jumbo Jr. (a.k.a. Dumbo) when they first sample the sudsy brew that the circus folk were enjoying. The musical number comes to mind with the big bass drum booming, “Boom, boom, boom, pink elephants on parade, pink elephants on parade!” The pink, or white elephant has had a mystique, dating back several centuries in the country of Siam, now modern day Thailand. The white elephant is considered a sacred animal because it is so rare. Only the King could own them, unless he chose to gift one to someone with gratitude. The gift recipient could not use the white elephant to do traditional work, like putting up circus tents, or as a pack animal. So the elephant would become a huge burden. A white elephant is only to be used on parade, to symbolize wealth, prosperity, and to represent a just, powerful King. Hence, the white elephant gift exchange.

The Huyghe family brewery that has been brewing at the old brew site since 1906 has used the pink (white) elephant as the symbol for the Delirium line of brews. Delirium Nocturnum translates to nighttime madness, and represents what happens when you drink too much alcohol. The hallucinations that ensue from such overindulgence are represented by the elephant on the bottle. You know you have been drinking way too much if you have this type of problem from drinking. But since it has been a tradition, I won’t get into it. The real reason for drinking beer is flavor, not drunkenness. Beer tasting, guys, not chugging. I sampled this one at my buddy’s 34th birthday dinner last night, and I am happy to say I did not see any pink elephants, except the ones in the painting. I am foremost a beer taster and connoisseur, not a beer glutton. The beer itself is definitely Belgian, with notes of sweet caramel and cloves, and a bit of sour flavor. This beer is overall a perfect example of a Belgian dark strong ale.

Cheers to Delirium Nocturnum! If you buy a bottle of this, you better share it with a few others, or you might be like Jumbo Jr. seeing pink elephants on parade, with the actual delirium accompanying your visions.

The original painting sold. You can purchase a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer Painting of Delirium Nocturnum by Huyghe brewery year of beer paintings scott clendaniel

Year of Beer 10.28. Delirium Nocturnum by Huyghe Brewery. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.