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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 35

What beer tastes better than Budweiser, but costs 30% less?  The answer is Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  This adjunct American lager brewed since 1844 has been gracing the tables of Americans long before prohibition.  I am building a log cabin on 10 acres near the small town of McCarthy, Alaska, located within the heart of the Wrangell – St. Elias National Park.  McCarthyites have an affinity for this beer, to say the least.  At every softball game beer is a mandatory party favor.  People place their 12 packs on the fish cleaning table and pretty much share like it was water to participators and fans alike.  During Solstice we play softball until after midnight, just hoping nobody complains about the noise during the second half of the double header.  We have some special rules for our game.  First, there are no strikeouts, which alleviates much performance anxiety.  Second, no home runs except for in the park as there is no fence on the airstrip.  Third, if it lands in the woods but is a fair ball that is only a single.  Fourth, if it bounces into the woods that is only a double.  Finally, and foremost, there is only one important rule, don’t spill your beer while you’re running the bases or playing in the outfield.

To PBR, a cheap alternative to highly marketed American adjuncts!  Remember to stock up before softball, because softball is a thirsty sport!

The original painting sold.  You can buy a limited-edition print at my Etsy Shop.

Year of Beer 02.04 Pabst Blue Ribbon. Oil on panel, 8"x10".

Year of Beer 02.04 Pabst Blue Ribbon. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.