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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 128

How did I get my hands on Alaska’s Most Wanted 2013 Brewtality Espresso Black Lager?  It was a lucky grab at La Bodega.  This beer was originally Jeremiah Boone’s brainchild when he was brewing at Midnight Sun Brewing Co.  Now he works with Gabe Fletcher over at Anchorage Brewing Company, making tasty treats like A Deal with the Devil, and the Beer Geek Breakfast by Mikkeller (contract brewed at Anchorage Brewing).  Brewtality is a big, bold beer.  Bottled in a 22 oz, the brew is jet-black and screaming with flavor, coming in at 9.4% ABV.  This beer was originally in the Crew Brew Series of 2009.  I think this version of Brewtality is pretty darn tootin’ good, even though Jeremiah didn’t have any part in this particular batch.  What do you think Mr. Boone?  Is it up to par?

MSBC is my favorite brewery because it has both great beer and a great pub called the Loft, where I have my two biggest art shows of the year, and one is coming up next month!  I will be showing the first 150 Year of Beer paintings, minus the ones that have found homes already.  Several of them are of MSBC brews, not only because MSBC RoCKs, but also because it is hosting the show.  I was talking with Davy, the sous brewer, who handles all the firkins (pins, actually, but let’s not split hairs), and we were scheming a way to have two of the little casks available on First Firkin Friday in June, due to the high volume of patrons that month.  Davy is celebrating becoming a father with a special beer he brewed for his first-born daughter, Ivy June.  I wanted an Alaska-themed firkin, so I suggested Monks Mistress conditioned with blueberries.  I also thought it would be really fun to tap both at the same time!

Cheers to Jeremiah’s amazing creation, Brewtality.  This beer will grow hair, not only on your chest, but on your face as well.  If you sip on this beer regularly, you will become an Alaskan!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer painting of brewtality espresso black lager by midnight sun brewing year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 05.08. Brewtality Espresso Black Lager by Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.