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Our Upcoming Trip to Russia and Germany

~ by Maria Benner

In 7 days, we’ll be boarding a flight on Yakutia Airlines to fly West across the Bering Sea from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.  The flight is only 4.5 hours, but the time difference is 20 hours.  We’ll spend a couple days there checking out volcanoes and hot springs, and then we’ll fly to Irkutsk, the closest large-ish city to Lake Baikal, the largest fresh water lake in the world.  We’re taking a multi-day tour to explore Lake Baikal, and its surroundings in famous Siberia.  After that we’re flying to Kaliningrad to visit my Aunt, and then traveling to Germany to visit more family.  From Germany we’re flying directly back to Anchorage, so essentially, we will have flown around the world by the end of this trip.  My Mom is the organizer of the whole trip, and we’re grateful that she’s letting Scott and I tag along.

During the trip Scott won’t be doing much painting, because he’s not bringing oil paint, since it takes a long time to dry, so we’re not going to release new beer paintings every Thirsty Thursday until we return.  He is planning on bringing a sketch book, and maybe some water colors.  Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram feeds to see pictures that we post along the way on this exciting journey.

And we’ll see what we can find out first hand about the whole Russia hacking America’s election business.

Cheers, or as the Russians say, “Za Zdorovie”!