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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 240

The featured beer painting of the day is of Pipeline Stout from the Broken Tooth Brewing Company in Anchorage, Alaska. There is a pizza joint called Moose’s Tooth, and a theatre pub called Bear Tooth in Anchorage that are both owned by the same people that started Broken Tooth Brewing. The three establishments are named after three peaks in the Alaska Mountain Range. Moose’s Tooth pizza pub was started in 1995 by a couple of mountain climbers who didn’t have any restaurant experience. It was a huge success, and is always packed with up to an hour-long wait for a table some nights. A few years later the Bear Tooth opened, which was a revamped old second-running movie theater. You can enjoy a full meal with a pint of craft beer while watching a movie there. The brewery has grown alongside the two restaurants, making a pretty sweet entertainment group. Moose’s Tooth has huge outdoor concerts, bringing in big name bands like String Cheese Incident, Cake, and Keller Williams. The pizza is tasty, the beer is good, but it is the combination of all of the above that makes the Broken Tooth magical.

Pipeline Stout is a classic brew from Broken Tooth Brewing Company, and I saddled up to the busy bar at Moose’s Tooth bar to order one. It came out as expected, jet black with espresso-colored foam. The flavor is spot on, just like a nice, easy drinking stout should be. Dark grains, low hop aroma and bitterness. The flavors of caramel and dark chocolate make up the main flavor profile of this brew. I love a good dark beer, and this stout is a great example of what and Alaska Stout should be!

Cheers to a nearly 20-year success story! Good work bro’s at Broken Tooth, you put on one hell of a good show!

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Beer Painting of pipeline stout by broken tooth brewing year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 08.28. Pipeline Stout by Broken Tooth Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.