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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 136

The daily beer painting is of Portland Brewing Company’s MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale.  I don’t remember if I have told you how I go about painting a beer, but I start by painting the bottle first.  Then, before painting an outline of the glass, I put the beer back in the fridge so it will stay cool.  Next, I paint the background image, and finally, I open the beer and pour it into the glass and quickly examine the foam before it dissipates, and paint the beer while it’s still in its prime.  So I work from life, but also from different sources, incorporating a lot of personal images I have gathered over the last few years.  So when I cracked open this bottle I could smell my college years wafting back into my memory.  I used to drink this beer in Oregon, coming from Alaska before craft beer was as popular as it is today.  Alaskan Amber was my beer of choice back in those days, and since it was hard to find in the small town of Independence, Oregon, “Mac’s” was the alternative.

Rich, balanced, and roasty, I like this Amber ale, although I have developed a taste for hop forward beers since.  I love the cascade hop flavor you taste in this brew even if it only has 30 or so IBUs!  The craft beer scene has developed dramatically since 2000.  Portland, Oregon (the City of Roses) brews some of the best beer in the world.  Portland Brewing Company has been doing a great job since 1986!  Two years before the class of ’88, this brewery has been doing it longer than most craft breweries in the USA!  Now there are a slew of new brews available, and Portland Brewing hopefully will lead the way, making its classic styles and, some new ones, for generations to come!

Cheers to great craft beers! Portland Brewing Company, you did a “damn good job making Mac’s Amber Ale!

You can purchase this painting, or a limited-edition print at my Etsy shop.

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Beer painting of mactarnahan's amber ale by portland brewing co year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 05.16. MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale by Portland Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.