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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 159

Another day, another beer painting.  Today’s beer painting is of Pyramid Brewing Company’s Hefeweizen.  This brewery has been making craft beer since 1984, and has breweries and/or pubs in Seattle, Washington, Berkeley, California, and Portland, Oregon.  I was always a fan of the Apricot Ale especially when I was younger, but I haven’t had it for years.  If I can find a bottle of that, I think I just might put it in this series.

This beer is an all American take on a Bavarian classic.  Of course, if you choose to use all American ingredients to make a German style beer, it is going to turn out good, but also entirely different from its cousin weizenbier.  If you ever go to Munich, please drink the weizenbier, you will never have a crisper, fresher beer than that.  However, if you live on the west coast (Alaska doesn’t really count), you might consider trying the local option, which is fresh and delicious as well.

I tasted breadiness in this one, but it was very citrusy as well.  Considering that it’s brewed with Nugget hops, I would expect this beer to be a little stankier, but I got a nice overall wheat and tart flavor with a little hop jazz that American hops produce.  Not that this is a bitter beer, oh not at all.  Definitely not a hop bomb, especially with an IBU count of only 18.  Watch out, this one is a bit stronger than the average Coors Light (or German pils) and comes in at 5.2% alcohol.  Overall, a solid drinkin’ beer.  When my homebrew comes out tasting as good as this, I am very happy.  Just the freshness is critical, so always check those dates.  This bottle doesn’t have one.  Oops!

Cheers to Pyramid, craft brewing since 1984!  Making great beers for a long time, and making German classic styles with American alternative ingredients!

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Beer Painting of Hefeweizen by Pyramid Brewing Company Year of Beer Paintings

Year of Beer 06.08. Hefeweizen by Pyramid Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.