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Jason Lobo’s Red Ford

Old red Ford truck painting

An art print of this painting is for sale at my online shop.  The original sold.

Saturday, Jason Lobo was out of town so he asked Maria (my wife) to stop by to feed his various animals. He has two horses, two goats, a pig, a turkey, and a kitty cat.  The horses took some hay, while the rest of the animals, minus the cat, took some green pellet animal feed, even the turkey.  While Maria was searching for the pellet feed and cat food, I was painting this portrait of Lobo’s red truck.  Jason lives about a mile from our house and on the same road, the Sandstone trail, so if he needs to go to McCarthy he has to drive past our home out there.  It always seems that I am headed to town at the same time as Jason Lobo, which is very interesting, because normally he has all of his animals with him.  Just last week he was driving this truck, (without the animals) and he was using gravity to propel him down the hill (it’s all down hill from where I live out there).  We were on our way into town and jumped on the Jason Train!  First time jumping into a moving vehicle since my high school days!  MXY is always an adventure!