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Year of Beer Paintings – Day 105

Wow!  Ruthless Rye IPA!  Two of my faves in one bottle!  I love rye in a beer, and I love hops!  So this is a match made in heaven for me!  Plus, the brewers at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. do such a great job!  I have never had a bad beer from that brewery, other than a stale Pale Ale, which was due to improper, long storage, but even then it was still palatable.  Rye is a strong grain that grows in many places and has a unique flavor!  I wonder why there is not more beer brewed with this pungent grain?

The “ruthless” part?  Must be the IPA, the high alcohol content of 6.6, or maybe the stringent spicy characteristic the rye imparts to the beer.  I think Joe Sixpack may be on to something in his last rant about breweries just plugging IPA in a beer name.  Accuracy in advertising?  Ruthless marketing?  Whatever it is, this beer is great.

To the crew at Sierra Nevada!  Making hop-forward beers for decades!

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Beer painting of ruthless rye ipa by sierra nevada brewing chico california year of beer paintings

Year of Beer 04.15. Ruthless Rye IPA by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Oil on panel, 8″x10″.